Heidelberg Child Care & Early Learning Centre

Heidelberg Campus

If you are seeking truly outstanding childcare in Heidelberg, our Inspire Early Learning Journey (ELJ) campus should be top of your mind. We provide childcare and kindergarten programs at our beautiful Montessori facility in Heidelberg for children aged 6 months until 6 years of age.



Why Should You Choose Inspire Heidelberg For Child Care?

Inspire ELJ is a unique and special place boasting state-of-the-art facilities. We provide a carefully prepared, nurturing, home-like environment where your child feels secure and has a sense of belonging. Our role is that of a guide, using the principles of Montessori pedagogy. 

Premium Montessori Early Years Education for children between the ages of 6 months to 6 years old involves:

  • Victorian Government Approved Kindergarten Program
  • Sustainability program to focus on awareness of and care for the environment,
  • Bilingual Chinese language program to widen cultural and language skills
  • Music program with body movement 
  • Sports program to enhance children’s physical development

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What We Can Provide For Your Child in the Heidelberg Area?

At Inspire ELJ, we facilitate the Montessori program for children aged 6 months until 6 years of age in the following ways:

Montessori Program

We fully embrace the Montessori philosophy created by Dr Maria Montessori, covering all five areas of the Montessori program in our classroom. 

These are: 

  • Practical life – fosters independence through daily life skills
  • Sensorial – enhances perception and awareness via the five senses
  • Math – encourages understanding of abstract mathematical concepts through hands-on learning
  • Language – develops literacy skills for effective communication
  • Culture – promotes global diversity understanding through exposure to varied cultures and customs


Our Montessori kindergarten in Heidelberg is a Victorian Government approved facility. This is ideal if you are eligible for a government grant for child care. This particular program is for children aged 3 to 6 years. Children are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity by interacting and experimenting with different materials to discover their abilities and strengths. We follow the five areas of the Montessori curriculum to purposefully support children’s developmental needs.

Chinese Language Program

Our Chinese Language Program enables children the opportunity to gain new language skills and exposure to another culture. As part of our kindergarten program, we run two bilingual Chinese and English-speaking classes at our Heidelberg campus.

Music Program

Music is not only a joy but also enhances children’s cognitive development, including language skills and overall learning. Our unique Music Program centres on multicultural music, with a variety of songs in English, Mandarin, and from around the world.

Sustainability Program

We encourage awareness about and care for our natural environment as an intrinsic part of our curriculum. Our Sustainability Program is woven in through group discussions, healthy eating, gardening, classroom activities and more.

Where Our Early Learning Centre is Located?