Get your Child some Early Learning with an Early Start Kindergarten

It is now possible to get your child into an exceptional early-learning childcare facility with the aid of Early Start Kinder funding. This and other great government grants for childcare offer parents new opportunities to allow their children to participate in premium early learning programs.

Inspire Early Learning Journey (ELJ) is a unique, high-quality childcare and kindergarten program service provider. We base our entire program on the Montessori philosophy. You can use government grants for your child to benefit from our state-of-the-art purpose-built facilities, first-rate curriculum that includes leading-edge extracurricular programs, and highly-trained staff who also offer parent education workshops.

What is Early Childhood Service Funding and Grants?

The Victorian government is offering the Early Start Kindergarten funding program to help lessen the financial burden on parents when placing children in early learning kindergarten programs such as ours. 

Other types of childcare service funding and grants are also available.

With the help of grants, you have an invaluable opportunity to provide your child with a great start in life. The time made available by placing your child in a facility gives you the time to pursue other things, such as employment.

Are you Eligible for Early Start with us?

The Early Start Kindergarten funding is available for eligible families on the following conditions:

  • Your child must have turned three years old by the 30th of April in the year they commence kindergarten, and
    • You are from an asylum seeker or refugee background, or
    • You identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or
    • Your family has had contact with child protection.

You could also be eligible for the Early Start Kindergarten Extension Grant to access free or low-cost kindergarten services for your four-year-old child.

Alternatively, you may be eligible for flexible support packages that provide you up to ten weeks of short-term assistance and give you immediate support. Click here to obtain full details.

Why Choose inspire for your Early Learning Kindergarten

At Inspire ELJ, we base our entire curriculum on the Montessori pedagogy model developed by Dr Maria Montessori. The philosophy pillars incorporated into our program are:

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial
  • Math
  • Language and 
  • Culture

We offer exceptional extracurricular programs, including our sustainability program that promotes environmental awareness, a bilingual Chinese language program, a music program with a multicultural twist and a sports program to foster physical development.

See all our Melbourne Kinder Campuses

Our Inspire ELJ campuses are located right throughout Melbourne. These are:

We look forward to showing you around the facility nearest to you.

When can my Child Start Kindergarten in Victoria?

In Victoria, children commence kindergarten at the age of three. They have the ability to attend kindergarten for two years prior to starting primary school. You may be eligible to gain childcare grant support for one or both of these years.

Make an Appointment & Book in Today for Kindergarten in Melbourne 

Ultimately, it is best that you come and see one of our beautiful campuses for yourself. Rest assured that you can make the most out of childcare centre grants when placing your child with us. We will be glad to show you around the campus nearest to you, showcasing one of our Montessori-orientated facilities.

You will get an in-person feel for what we are like and how we operate. And, of course, you can ask us any questions you may have, including about early childhood grants in Victoria. Simply fill out this form to request a personalised tour, or call us on 1300 118 999. We look forward to meeting you soon.