About Us




Inspire Early Learning Journey is a private entity based in the heart of Melbourne, offering premium services, professional facilities and the highest quality learning programs. Our highly skilled educators are passionate in early childhood development, which is achieved by tailoring a unique and personalised curriculum that consists of Montessori and The Australian Early Years Framework (EYLF). We are at the forefront of advanced learning techniques with a culture that is unlike no other and are one of the few early learning Childhood centres that offer these approaches to our children.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a nurturing environment and build the fundamental foundations in the early stages of a child’s life. Our community outreach is about diversity and accommodating all learning capabilities through the developmental phase, such as but not limited to; cognitive and communication skills, health and wellbeing.

We inspire families to adopt our life-long learning approach to education, on the basis of facilitating the importance that their children deserve the best possible start in life and the many opportunities available for their future endeavours.


Montessori Early Years Education