Springvale Child Care & Early Learning Centre

Our Springvale Campus

Look no further if you’re searching for childcare in the Springvale area. Inspire Springvale’s Early Learning Centre promises to provide a nurturing home-like environment

for your child where they feel protected, have a secure sense of belonging, and know that they are valued.

Why You Should Choose Inspire Springvale For Child Care

Being a parent is incredibly rewarding, but with that comes the responsibility of ensuring your child receives the foundational skills they need to succeed.

Placing your child in our Springvale childcare centre means choosing more for them than just primary care. 

Learn more about how Inspire Springvale’s expert early learning educators provide your child with a safe, enjoyable environment and the best educational experience.

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Opening Hours: 7am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday
52 weeks per year: Except Victorian Public Holidays

What We Can Provide For Your Child in the Springvale Area

Childcare is more than ensuring your child has somewhere to go during working hours. Our Springvale childcare centre has invested heavily in cultural, sustainability, sport and music programs to ensure your child’s early learning experiences are not just enjoyable but also help them gain a sense of self and independence to navigate the world around them with confidence.

Montessori Program

Inspire understands that your child is unique and should be allowed to learn and grow at their own pace. At their Springvale childcare centre, children have the tools, materials, and space to understand and navigate the world around them. Learn more about the complete Montessori program.


Our kindergarten program at Inspire’s Springvale Early Learning Centre builds upon the concept of using the tools and materials provided to cultivate respectful, socially skilled community members. Learn more about our kindergarten program.

Chinese Language Program

Inspire has two bilingual English and Chinese-speaking classes for our children. These classes help them broaden their language skills and gain a better understanding of another culture. Learn more about our Chinese Language Program.

Music Program

We apply the Orff music approach at our Springvale early learning centre. This method’s vital characteristic is that lessons are presented with an element of play, encouraging children to learn at their own pace. Learn more about our music program.

Sport Program 

Inspire Springvale is excited to announce the introduction of a new sports program! Designed to promote physical activity and healthy habits from a young age, this program will offer children a fun and engaging way to develop their motor skills, teamwork, and confidence.

Sustainability Program

Inspire’s Early Learning sustainability program promotes awareness of the environment through group discussions, classroom activities, healthy eating, and gardening. Both educators and children at our Springvale childcare centre learn together about caring for our environment and respecting the natural environment. Learn more about our sustainability program.

Where We Are Located?