Free Kinder Program 2024

Inspire Early Learning Journey, Montessori kindergarten programs participate in the Victorian free kinder 2024 initiative. The government free kinder Victoria 2024 program offers subsidies to children attending kindergarten in participating three-year-old, or four-year-old programs. The government kinder subsidy has been implemented to help all Victorian children access two years of kindergarten programs. 

The free kinder Victoria initiative has been expanded to include both three-year-old and four-year-old kinder. This is based on research showing that children who attend two years of a quality kindergarten program have better cognitive, emotional, and social skills, when they start school. 

Long-term studies have also shown the effects of two years of a quality kinder program are long-lasting, with these children producing higher exam scores, better grades in Maths and English at age 16, and more developed social and emotional well-being. They are also more likely to go on to higher education, putting them in a good position for an excellent future. 

What Years of Kinder are Free in Victoria?

The free kinder 2024 Victoria program provides children with the opportunity to participate and benefit from Inspire’s kindergarten programs. For children enrolled in our three and four-year-old program, 15 hours of free kindergarten are available per week, for 40 weeks of the year.

At Inspire Early Learning Journey Centres, we adopt the Montessori philosophy which encourages each individual child to explore, learn, grow, and develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and psychologically, at their own pace within a safe, caring, and structured environment. This approach is incorporated into our three-year-old and four-year-old kindergarten programs. Research shows Montessori children are successful academically, socially, and emotionally. They show better skills at completing work and tasks with a longer attention span, are good at problem-solving and asking questions, and are both demonstrably responsible for their age and open to learning new skills. 

By participating in this program, not only will your child reap the benefits of our quality kindergarten program, but the care costs for your child will be reduced by the amount of the subsidy.

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Inspire Early Learning Journey Centres kinder programs offer subsidised programs at our centres across Melbourne. To find a location near you, view our list of campuses. We also offer tours of our campuses so you can see first-hand what our facilities and programs have to offer. Request a tour now at the centre near you. 

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Is My Child Eligible for the Free Kindergarten Subsidy?

Children must meet the criteria to be eligible for the free kindergarten subsidy. 

To be eligible for the free three-year-old kinder program, your child must:

  • Be a Victorian child who turns three by 30th April 2024.
  • Be enrolled in the three-year-old kindergarten program for a minimum of two days per week.

To be eligible for the free four-year-old kinder program, your child must:

  • Be a Victorian child who turns 4 by 30th April 2024.
  • Be enrolled in the four-year-old kindergarten program for a minimum of two days per week.

Further requirements for all children include:

  • Each child can only receive the subsidy for one service at a time. This means if they attend more than one kinder program, they can only receive the subsidy for one program.
  • Each child is only eligible for the subsidy for one year for three-year-old kindergarten, and one year of four-year-old kindergarten. 

If your child is turning three, or four, by April 30th, 2024, enrol them in the relevant Inspire kindergarten program for the required number of hours per week, and nominate Inspire as their kindergarten provider, to be eligible for the subsidy.

How much can I save with the Free Kinder Subsidy?

The free kindergarten subsidy is up to $2,050 for kinder services supplied as part of the long daycare program. Children enrolled in the three-year-old or four-year-old kindergarten program must be enrolled for a minimum of 2 days booking per week and are eligible for the full subsidy. 

This means the total savings to you is up to $4100 across the two years, if your child attends Inspire’s three-year-old and four-year-old kindergarten programs for at least 2 days booking per week. The subsidy amount is paid directly to Inspire for your child. 

How do I Enrol my Child for 2024 in Victoria? Contact Us Now!

To take advantage of the Victorian kindergarten subsidy and everything that Inspire Early Learning Journey Montessori kindergarten programs have to offer, enroll your child today. 

To find a centre near you, check out our locations and facilities online to find the one best located for your child. Once you have found the centre that is most convenient for you, fill out the request for a tour form so you can see the facilities in person. We welcome tours of our centres so you can see everything Inspire Early Learning Journey can offer your child. This provides you with the opportunity to observe in person how our centres create an environment where they can explore their interests and curiosities in a Montessori program designed for children’s developmental needs. 

If you are ready to enroll your child or have any questions,  call us on 1300 118 999 for more information.