Preston Child Care & Early Learning Centre

For home-like childcare in Preston, where learning is nurtured, you’re invited to discover the world of Inspire Early Learning Journey. With a dedicated team of skilled educators who are passionate about childhood development, our early learning centre in Preston combines Montessori with The Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Why You Should Choose Inspire Preston for Childcare?

Inspire Early Learning Journey, a privately run childcare centre in Preston, offers your child a homely, warm, and welcoming environment. Working in collaboration with you, our highly qualified team aims to nurture your child’s learning, help them develop essential life skills and foster their creativity.

At Inspire Early Learning Journey in Preston, our Montessori program:

  • Is led by qualified Montessori educators
  • Gives your child respect and space to learn in their unique way
  • Instils a can-do attitude and fosters independence
  • Encourages your child to follow interests that engage their imagination
  • Respects all backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, religions and heritages

Our educators continuously upskill their knowledge, ensuring that your child receives the highest quality early childhood education program that’s suitable for 6 months to 6 years of age.

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What We Can Provide for Your Child in the Preston Area?

Offering more than childcare in Preston, your child will flourish in the Montessori and kindergarten programs while being welcome to participate in our Chinese language, music and sustainability programs.

Montessori Program

Our Montessori program in Preston encourages your child to learn and grow in a comfortable, home-like environment. You’ll find they’ll develop emotionally, intellectually, physically and psychologically as they embrace independent learning. All our Montessori-based classrooms encourage children to discover the 5 principles of the Montessori program – practical life, sensorial, maths, language and culture.


Our government-approved Montessori Kindergarten in Preston is open for children between 3 and 6 years of age. Led by qualified Kindergarten and Montessori-trained educators, the program runs for 7.5 hours each day. Your child will explore the 5 principles of the Montessori program while also developing social skills where they’ll learn to be courteous, polite and respectful.

Chinese Language Program

Our fun Monthly Chinese language program runs as part of our program at our Kindergarten in Preston. As your child learns another language, you’ll find they broaden their language skills while gaining an understanding of the cultural differences they’ll experience in society.

Music Program

To complement our Montessori program in Preston, your child will be introduced to our music program. With music being proven to develop listening, reading and writing skills, along with improving speech and communication, our music program engages your child’s mind and body through singing, dancing, acting and playing instruments.  We also have professional musicians visit us to teach our little one songs and music instruments fortnightly.

Sustainability Program

Our early learning centre in Preston embeds a sustainability program within our daily curriculum. Working with an Early Childhood Sustainability specialist, your child will discover how to care for and show respect to our environment. Our daily activities include group discussions and activities, healthy eating, gardening and more. 

Sports Program

Our monthly sports program is an exciting and dynamic part of our curriculum designed to promote physical activity and enhance the development of gross motor skills in our young learners. Each month, a professional coach will visit our centre with an array of sports equipment tailored to the children’s age and abilities.

During their visit, the coach will lead the children through a range of exercises and activities. These sessions are not only fun and engaging, but also encourage teamwork, coordination, and healthy habits. Children will have the opportunity to try out different sports and physical challenges, which can include activities like obstacle courses, ball games, and age-appropriate fitness routines.

After the coach’s visit, our dedicated teachers will continue to implement the sports program throughout the month. This ensures that the children have ample time to practise what they’ve learned, further refine their skills, and integrate physical activity into their daily routine.

Mini Chef Program

Our Mini Chef program engages children monthly in cooking sessions, fostering an early love for healthy eating, enhancing fine motor skills, building math and science knowledge, and cultivating social abilities through teamwork. It’s an enriching, fun-filled initiative that boosts confidence and encourages creativity while promoting cultural awareness.

Bush Kinder Program

Our bush kinder program starts after August 2024, the Bush Kinder program offers children immersive nature experiences, fostering environmental awareness, resilience, and exploration. Kids engage in outdoor play, develop physical skills, and learn respect for nature, enhancing their well-being and connection to the natural world through hands-on, exploratory learning in a bushland setting.

Regular Incursions and Excursions

We offer monthly incursions, regular outings and two kinder excursions every year. Regular incursions and excursions provide children with the opportunity to learn outside their usual environment, enhancing real-world knowledge and experiences. These activities promote social skills, independence, curiosity, and a connection with the community. They also offer diverse learning opportunities that can’t be replicated in the classroom.

Where Our Early Learning Centre is Located?