Camberwell Child Care & Early Learning Centre

Camberwell Campus – Opening mid 2024

Here is a sneak peek of our beautiful new architecturally designed centre coming to Camberwell. Catering for 99 children from 6 months to 6 years of age. Boasting beautiful modern buildings with a large natural playscape and gardening areas. Providing that “home away from home” feel. For more information please simply fill out the form below or call 03 9699 7999 or 0491 967 999 or email us at [email protected] and keep an eye on our Facebook pages for further updates.

For early learning in Camberwell, Inspire Early Learning Journey delivers quality care guided by the holistic, nurturing philosophy of Montessori education. Give your child the best start possible at our Camberwell kindergarten and childcare centre, with a range of programs to harness the individuality and creativity of all children aged six months to six years.

Why You Should Choose Inspire Camberwell For Child Care?

Put your trust in Inspire Early Learning Journey to provide a safe, encouraging space for children to develop in ways that best suit them. Our style is based on the self-determined education of Montessori principles and the Early Years Learning Framework, offering expert education in a secure, home-like environment. We also offer the Free Kinder Program for eligible families. 

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    What We Can Provide For Your Child in the Camberwell Area?

    We’re proud to be an active part in the early learning journey of young children with our early learning centre in Camberwell. See for yourself why Camberwell locals put their trust in Inspire:

    Montessori Program

    With a dedication to self-expression, individual self-determination and holistic learning, we strongly believe in the principles of Montessori learning. For young learners, our Montessori program offers emotional, intellectual, physical and psychological growth and learning, with a focus on the individual needs of each young person.

    Child Care Subsidy Camberwell

    Inspire Early Learning Journey is registered for the Government Child Care Subsidy, allowing families of all financial means the opportunity to access our holistic, encouraging learning programs.


    Children aged 3-6 will greatly benefit from our welcoming Montessori kindergarten program. From developing valuable social skills to early academic and creative encouragement, our Camberwell kindergarten is the ideal place for young minds to learn and grow.

    Chinese Language Program

    All kindergarten-aged children at Inspire Early Learning Journey are able to access our bilingual Chinese language program. With both English and Chinese-speaking classes, our program offers children a chance to broaden their language skills and develop an understanding of different cultures.

    Music Program

    From language development to cognitive growth and creative expression, music can play a critical part in early learning. Our music program is based on the Orff music approach to encourage creativity and freedom in young minds, giving them a platform for greater musical and creative development.

    Sustainability Program

    Care and respect for our natural world is an important pillar of our education at Inspire Early Learning Journey. With the help of our educators and Early Childhood Sustainability specialist, our sustainability program encourages young learners to be mindful of the environment through activities, gardening, healthy eating and more.