Springvale Campus

Springvale Campus Now Open

Our new Inspire Campus in Springvale will be running our beautiful Montessori program for children aged between 6 months to 6 years. The campus has been renovated throughout, with new Montessori classroom materials and furniture. Providing the Inspire “home away from home” feeling for your loved ones. For more information please call 0483 398 999 or (03) 9558 5899 or email springvale@inspire.edu.au

Inspire Early Learning Journey is an exclusive and progressive early learning education that offers a high standard of specialised care and Montessori quality education. We follow the teachings, practices and principles of Montessori education for young children aged from 6 months old to 6 years old.  We have a dedicated and passionate teaching team that are experienced and Montessori qualified. For continuous educational development, our team of educators are provided with considerable professional development to be relevant in early childhood educational current practices. At Inspire Early Learning Journey, our mission is to provide a nurturing prepared home-like environment where a child feels protected, has a secure sense of belonging and as a valued contributing member of a community.  Only then we can begin to practice our role as a guide.

Montessori Learning in Springvale, Victoria

Our new Montessori early learning facility in Springvale, Victoria is beautifully and carefully designed with bright and spacious rooms that have been thoroughly renovated throughout. In every room, you’ll find brand new child-sized furniture and a whole host of exciting and educational Montessori didactic materials. Play is an integral part of any child’s early learning journey. We use the term ‘work’ as play to describe the purposeful activities that the Montessori prepared environment provides, which fulfills an inner purpose that each child will experience when exploring with our didactic materials to develop and learn.

Inspire Early Learning Journing – a nurturing environment

Inspire ELJ is a trusted name in childcare in Springvale, Victoria. We pride ourselves on providing your little ones with that “home away from home” feeling on their early learning journey. We are all about diversity and inclusivity by accommodating all learning capabilities at our Springvale based Montessori early learning centre. Whatever your child’s needs are, we can meet them, while also providing all the care and attention they require.

Our philosophy

We are redefining Montessori learning in Springvale, Victoria and our learning programs are second to none. We believe that your child deserves the best possible start in life and that’s why we hire only highly qualified early learning educators who have a passion for childhood developmental growth. Our unique and highly personalised Montessori curriculum is a child-lead approach to learning. We follow the core principles of the Montessori system, which is progressive and the profound learning techniques and methods are few and far between when compared to many other centres specialising in early learning in Springvale, Victoria.

Connect with us

If you are looking for premium childcare in Springvale, Victoria, you won’t find anyone as dedicated to facilitating the fundamental stages of early childhood learning as we are at Inspire Minds. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your child’s future at our school. For more information or to request a tour of our unique facility, please call us on 0483 398 999 or (03) 9558 5899 or email us at springvale@inspire.edu.au. We’d love to hear from you!

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    Opening Hours: 7am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday
    52 weeks per year: Except Victorian Public Holidays

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