Heidelberg Campus

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    Our Heidelberg Campus is now open and taking enrolment for children between the ages of 6 months to 6 years.

    Why are we different?

    • High quality Montessori early years education led by qualified Montessori educators.
    • Exclusive Chinese Immersion language Program with VIT Registered Early Childhood Teachers.
    • Fully equipped Montessori classrooms.
    • Inspire Signature Music lessons and Sustainability Program.
    • FREE parent Montessori workshops and events
    • Healthy and well-balanced meals made in the campus kitchen.
    • Inspire ELJ collaborates with Inspire Education Academy (Training Centre) – specialised in delivering Montessori Training and Development and Montessori quality assurance program for Inspire ELJ campuses.

    Our new Inspire Campus opening in Heidelberg West is conveniently located within walking distance from Northland shopping centre. It will be running our beautiful Montessori program for children aged between 6 months to 6 years. The campus has been fully renovated throughout, with new Montessori classroom materials and furniture. Providing the Inspire “home away from home” feeling for your loved ones.

    Welcome to our new Inspire Campus, featuring the early learning Montessori method of education. This popular early learning approach was first developed by Italian physician, Maria Montessori, in the early 1900s. Maria Montessori developed her method of teaching children through her experimenting with students. The main premises of Montessori in Heidelberg are as follows:

    • Children are naturally curious and can learn in a supportive environment.
    • Children learn best by exploring and hands-on activities.
    • Children are motivated to learn by their desire to know and understand.
    • With the proper prepared and fully functional classroom setting that promotes self-directed learning, children will blossom.
    • Collaborative play enhances learning.

    Now children ages 6 months to 6 years old can participate in Montessori Early Learning Heidelberg at our Inspire Campus. We are located within walking distance from Northland shopping centre and are available to take participants.

    What is included in the facility?

    The Montessori Heidelberg facility is newly renovated and prepared for your child’s learning activities. Within the facility, your children will have plenty of educational opportunities with a vast supply of learning resources, such as:

    • Large collection of books
    • Games and educational toys
    • Real-life learning experiences such as gardening, food preparation, care for the environment and self
    • Musical instruments
    • Outdoor play equipment
    • Art supplies
    • Music and movements

    Opening times

    The Montessori Heidelberg, Victoria centre will be open for a 52-week learning cycle, allowing parents to have their children in year-round early learning programs. The Inspire campus will be open on weekdays with hours soon to be posted.

    Benefits of early learning (Montessori)

    Montessori childcare in Victoria offers many benefits for children, such as the following:

    Enhanced social skills

    Your child will have the opportunity to connect with other students at an early age and learn to work and play in a collaborative manner. This prepares them for future grade school.

    Stimulates creativity

    Programs involving Montessori Early Learning in Heidelberg also help stimulate creativity and natural curiosity in a child’s mind. With the five main learning areas that Montessori Early Learning in Heidelberg uses, children broaden their minds.

    Greater self-confidence

    Children who are involved in early childcare in Victoria will have greater self-confidence than their counterparts because of the new things they’ll discover on their own. 

    Creates a love for learning

    Early learning the Montessori way enhances a love for school when it’s time to go. Why does this occur? The exploratory learning activities create opportunities to make discoveries and learn new things without them even realising they are doing it. This fosters a love of learning.

    Gives students a head start in school

    A child’s mind is flexible and able to learn from a very early age. When presented with the right environment and surroundings, a child can advance far. With Montessori childcare in Victoria, your child will begin learning all the basics of education before they begin formal school. This enables them to pick up formal education quickly.

    Fosters independence and responsibility

    Children who participate in the Montessori early learning centre in Victoria are taught to be responsible and independent from a young age. They are given the endless opportunities to get involved in any given tasks. For example, when they have their snack or lunch, they will make their plate and clean it off when done. After playing with any of the learning resources or tools, they are shown to put all items neatly back how they got it. This helps children to understand what it means to be respectful and responsible, as a valued member of their community, which assists them in developing independence as they grow.

    Your child will thrive in a Montessori environment. At the new Inspire campus, we welcome new participants to join us. Contact us for more information about the enrolment process.